Recent Work

Kaspersky Labs KIS ‘All Round Protection’ Commercials - Music Composition, Sound Design & Final Mixes

Caterpillar B15 Mobile Phone Commercials - Music Composition, Sound Design & Final Mixes

Animal Planet Idents
’Tim Faulkner’ - Sound Design & Final Mixes

Monster’s Month Discovery France Promos
- Sound Design & Final Mixes

We were given a blank canvas of this animation film for Discovery France’s Monsters Month and designed the sound from a blank canvas.

Cars That Rock Programme Idents, Stings & Bumpers
- Sound Design & Final Mixes

Monster’s Month Discovery France Teasers - Sound Design & Final Mixes

Kaspersky Antivirus Multi-Device Videos - Sound Design & Final Mixes

‘Bacon Don’t Buffer’ Featuring Jamie Oliver & Kevin Bacon - Sound Design & Final Mix

Animal Planet Ident’s ‘Mind Games’ - Sound Design & Final Mix

Turbo Channel D Wheel TV Idents - Sound Design & Final Mix

Tiger Crisps Middle East TV Commercial - Sound Design & Final Mix

A fast cut TV commercial for the middle east needed intense car chase sound design from scratch, final mixes and cutdowns. A boy’s world turns into real life fantasy after biting into a Tiger crisp. He quickly becomes immersed in an imaginary shootout and crazy car chase scene.

Demolition TV Promos - Sound Design & Final Mix

This fantastic 3D Graphics job is mind blowing in 3D GFX detail. The sound brief was to create an organic sound ‘avalanche’ of matchsticks collapsing and breaking into pieces.

D-Day: As It Happened TV Trailers - VFX, Grade, Online, Sound Design & Final Mix

We did the VFX, Grade, Online, Sound Design and Final Mix on trailers for Channel 4’s groundbreaking documentary series, which enable’s viewers and users to experience this pivotal event in twentieth century history in real time. They'll be able to track - moment by moment - what happened to seven people who were there on the day: each of them a real participant in the 1944 invasion.

TLC UK Cross Channel TV Launch Commercials - Sound Design & Final Mix

Sound design and final mixes for Discovery’s new TV channel called TLC. TLC is a new UK entertainment channel premiering hit shows from the US, such as Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Breaking Amish. We were involved in the launch for the channel including sound for the commercials, idents, bumpers and event reels.

E4 Slackers ‘Enders Game’ Promo - Sound Design & Final Mix